TN Visas — NAFTA Visas for Canadians and Mexicans

This list of approved TN occupations and required applicant qualifications is listed in NAFTA Annex 1603, Schedule B and reproduced at 8 CFR 214.6(c).

Please note that the required degree or qualification listed is absolutely required for eligibility. Beneficiaries without the appropriate listed qualifications may not substitute equivalent qualifications. The NAFTA professional categories list is divided into three areas: General, Medical and Allied Professionals and Scientists.

TN visas are valid for up to three years and can be extended in three-year increments. A TN visa is a nonimmigrant visa but unlike an H-1B or an L visa, the TN visa holder may not have immigrant intent. Canadians can apply for TN status at the port of entries with "TN offer letters" and Mexicans can apply directly at the U.S. Consulates; extensions and change of status applications may be filed with USCIS.


The Immigration and Nationality Act provides treaty trader/investor nonimmigrant status for a national of any of the countries with which an appropriate treaty of commerce and navigation exists.
An individual who wishes to go to the U.S. to carry on substantial trade, principally between the U.S. and his/her own country, may apply for a treaty trader visa (E-1). Someone who is going to the United States to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which he/she has invested, or is actively in the process of investing, a substantial amount of capital is welcome to apply for a treaty investor visa (E-2). The category is popular because it is not necessary to maintain a business outside the U.S. and also because E-1 and E-2 visas can be renewed every five years without limitation.

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